$50,000 Ring Earner

What allowed me to be successful in LegalShield? Was it my story? I passed up the membership three times because I couldn’t understand why I should pay for a lawyer when I never used one. Then, in 2000, we had a serious car accident that was fatal to my mom. I watched the membership work as the provider law firm found a $300,000 death benefit in our insurance policy. When they got that for my family, I was convinced that everyone needed the service, yet hardly anyone knew about it. I set about correcting that.

Was it my belief in LegalShield that allowed me to succeed? Yes.

Was it me? Yes. Before LegalShield, I was a successful fine artist. I knew how to set goals, self-start, learn my craft, show up, and work hard. I believe in myself. I have confidence that I can learn what I need to do. Then I do it. I am undaunted. These are traits anyone can develop. If an artist like me can do it, so can you.

Was it because I made a plan? Yes. I learned all about the group employee benefits side of the business. Thanks to Ken Roebuck, I am a professional now.

I must thank those who believed in me: my husband, Wendel, and my son, Derek. To the late Kerry Reid and Patty Reid, the late Dick Hricak, the late Dave Savula, my team, and many others along the way, this ring shows their generous support.

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