$50,000 Ring Earner
Management, Sales

After working my way up in Corporate America, I finally had the corner office, alarm codes and keys, and the expense account. I thought I had arrived! However, I soon realized that being the area sales manager for a beverage company meant that I had no time of my own.

I thought I was the exception when it came to the way I found LegalShield. After being downsized, I was faxing résumés to all of the help-wanted and opportunity ads in the paper. I got a response that said that they had wanted to meet me that day. But when I look back at how I got started, it was actually right by the book; a first exposure on the service and an invitation to an event.

I achieved the Executive Director level after eight months in the business. This started allowing me to have my time back. I soon realized that I was able to be a grandfather to our grandchildren. I only wish that I could have had the same type of quality time with our children. This business is about helping people, either through our services or the opportunity. To be paid to help others achieve their goals is the most rewarding part. My goal is to be mentioned by at least a thousand people in their testimonies, for helping others—on my team or not! It keeps me going every day.

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