$200,000 Ring Earners
Accounting, Manufacturing

We became LegalShield Members and associates in August 1998. Through LegalShield, we are able to work each day to build our business and our future, rather than working only for a boss or a corporation. We feel truly blessed to be able to offer this life-changing service to others and, at the same time, build a wonderful life for our family.

Previously Bill worked in a factory on computer numerical control equipment, and Jackie as a tax preparer. Our journey with LegalShield began when a personal friend and co-worker approached Bill. We kept putting him off until, after nearly three months of “patient persistence,” he presented the opportunity to us over breakfast. Soon after that, we found ourselves needing an attorney when the county wanted to take some of our property for a road without paying fair market value for it. With a single letter from a provider attorney, the issue was resolved. We had our first positive experience with our membership. Bill began working his LegalShield business full time on January 1, 2000, and he has never looked back!

Our children have met many wonderful people over the years, traveled all around the country and enjoyed numerous Performance Club trips. All three of them are associates now. One is a ring earner and Network Vice President.

We have been able to build a business all across North America from our rural Iowa home. The power of the network marketing concept paired with a solid company have led to the growth of a large organization, in spite of us living near a town of only 900 in a county of less than 15,000!

We have truly been blessed with a team that sells thousands of memberships per year. Our team has been recognized as having one of the highest retentions, which translates to high, long-term renewal income. We are privileged to work with outstanding people and help them succeed in reaching their own dreams.

We believe the next few years will usher in an even greater opportunity to build a tremendous business. A wealth of tools and resources are available for new associates to immediately begin building their business.

It is truly a privilege to be part of a company that makes a difference in the lives of others! The key to success is being “patiently persistent” with daily activity. Set high goals and then go to work to achieve them.

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