$300,000 Ring Earners
Business Owner, Education, Retail

After graduating from college, we knew that being employees was not for us. We immediately started our first business, a retail store in Perrysburg, Ohio. We invested more than $40,000 of our own money and accumulated an additional $50,000 in debt. Angela’s degree was in education, so she went to work as a teacher at a preschool to earn additional income.

In 1996, Angela’s brother sent us a video tape featuring LegalShield’s top income earner, Dave Savula. As business owners, we knew of several times we could have used this service in our own lives; plus the idea of earning an additional income really appealed to us! We were working our retail business seven days a week, many times putting in 12-hour days, and Angela was working full time.

What started as a part-time opportunity soon became our full-time passion, and 19 months after starting, we sold our retail business to become full-time associates! About a year later, our LegalShield business gave Angela the opportunity to stop being a teacher and focus on being a full-time mom. We worked in Ohio for the next four years building a great team and learning from some great leaders. In 2001, we decided to move to South Florida.

Our two boys, Matthew and David, are now 21 and 18, and because of LegalShield, we have been there for them from day one! Matthew and David are both students, and part-time LegalShield Associates. We have been able to spend the quantity and quality of time with them growing up!

Today, we have a beautiful home on a little island in Southwest Florida. We are able to wake up every day, and see the sun rise over the water, and truly experience life. We enjoy going fishing offshore, kayaking around the island, and going out to watch the dolphins at sunset. The life we have today is exactly what we envisioned.

We focus on every aspect of the LegalShield opportunity. We work in the small business market, helping small business owners protect and grow their businesses. We strongly believe in the group marketing division and have personally enrolled more than 6,000 members. But our main focus and love is team building and helping our associates achieve their dreams. We love the concept of leverage and residual income. We wake up every day and get to help associates on the team achieve their goals and dreams. After 22 years, we believe the best is yet to come! We are part of building an industry and a legacy that will set up future generations for massive success. The key is to make a decision that YOU will be part of this journey!

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