$50,000 Ring Earners

I began my LegalShield business in 1997 while working for a major insurance company. I decided in 2006 to go from inside to outside sales, which gave me an opportunity to work in the B2B division for LegalShield. It quickly became evident if I put in 8-10 hours a week part time with LegalShield, I could start generating some decent income. So I started working LegalShield full time. With continued hard work and determination, I’m looking forward to what LegalShield can provide my family. I also committed myself to the Performance Club, and I’ve never missed a month of qualifying and have taken my family on many of the incentive trips I earned.

Evelyn, my wife of 23 years, worked in corporate America and is now home and able to focus on our children. Our daughter, Callahan-16, has played on her varsity volleyball team since her freshman year and our daughter, Sloane, competes in high level junior golf and also plays volleyball. Because of LegalShield, we can attend all their school and sporting events. I also want to thank my father-in-law and mother-in-law, Larry and Kay Gregory, for all your support.

In 2018, I achieved the Platinum level by making 150 personal sales. My 2019 goals are to expand and support my organization, achieve Special Forces again, keep fostering relationships with brokers and get the $100,000 ring!

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