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Corporate, Entertainment

Before joining LegalShield in 1998, Terry worked in

Corporate America at a major entertainment studio. Much of her career revolved around management training and sharing information with others. She found that marketing the LegalShield plans in a group setting was a natural fit for her and one that she thoroughly enjoyed.

Very shortly after joining LegalShield, Terry was asked to be the Group Vice President for Maryland. She also served as a Business Vice President in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She enjoys sharing with associates the techniques of how to be successful in group marketing. She shares her experiences and what works in a group setting. “Marketing our products to a group of employees is really no different than sharing it with one person. The most important ingredient is product knowledge,” she says. “If you are passionate about what you do and know your product, you have the opportunity to be successful in group marketing. Selling is simply the transference of your belief to someone else.”

As a single parent of two, Matthew and Shannon, Terry continues to build her business, which is mainly directed toward the group marketing side; however, she enjoys working with her ever-growing sales team. She finds the balance of both group marketing and building a sales team has provided her with the best of both worlds. With the combination of both sides of the business, she has developed a sustainable income while enjoying valuable time with her family.

Terry has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to own her own business. “LegalShield has been the answer to a lifelong dream,” she says. She never enjoyed working for someone else. The business owners and executives who used to own her life are now her peers, and she now enjoys working with them. “It is a wonderful feeling when you leave a business. That’s because after an enrollment, you get to leave the offices, the desks, the cubicles, and the office politics behind.”

She likes working with people and providing a product that she is truly passionate about.

Terry believes that everyone in America will have our products sooner or later, and she compares our legal service plans to the employee benefits that our parents did not have when they were working, like the dental, vision, and prescription plans that are now all core benefits. “LegalShield is becoming a core benefit. Every employer across the country will offer a legal service plan in the very near future,” she says. “It is happening today as more and more people are asking me about LegalShield or know about it already and just want to enroll. LegalShield is quickly approaching the time when our services will be bought, not sold!”

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