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Athlete, Business, Horse Trainer, Marketing

Prior to joining LegalShield, I trained horses in the 1970s and was a professional water skier at Cypress Gardens in Florida, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. While skiing, I attended Polk Community College in Winter Haven, Florida, and obtained a business and marketing degree. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was introduced to network marketing. In the first company I joined, I did fairly well and achieved the second highest level of recognition. With the second opportunity I was involved in, I sold the most product in my state. I think this is where I developed my love of selling instead of recruiting.

A friend from another marketing opportunity called me one day to tell me about LegalShield. Actually, I was not interested at first because I needed a break from network marketing. But when he focused on the product instead of the recruiting opportunity, he got my attention. I saw a product everyone needed and most everyone could afford. I knew I could mass market this wonderful service, but with no background in the employee benefit market, I had a lot to learn. I became an associate with LegalShield in the summer of 1994. I attended the first group school that Kathryn Walden held in Ada, Oklahoma. In 1995, I was the third top group producer in the country. I was the top producer in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2000. I have earned the Production Achievement Award for selling more than 23,000 memberships.

I was convinced that LegalShield was the opportunity for me pretty quickly. It was easy to set goals and know how many sales I needed each week to make the income I desired. Our service can be life-changing for a family with a legal problem. If it weren’t for LegalShield, I’d still be in sales and marketing of some kind, but I might not have the residual income I enjoy today.

One of my greatest accomplishments was earning my second LegalShield ring. This was a very exciting accomplishment for me because I am on as-earned commissions and haven’t taken advanced commissions for years.

To the new associates out there, set goals and put together a business plan.

Ask yourself how much money you need and how many sales you need in order to make that much money.

I am so glad I listened to my friend years ago. LegalShield has given me the opportunity I dreamed of. I have so many great clients today, and I enjoy going to work each day. Not many people can say that. I don’t open many new groups these days because I have plenty of places to go each day and sell memberships. If you keep it just that simple, before you know it, LegalShield will be telling you that you are the top producer.

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