$100,000 Ring Earners

We were introduced to this opportunity back in October 2010, by a co­worker at my insurance agency as a way to earn additional revenue by offering identity theft and legal plans to my clients. I ran the idea by one of my mentors, Mr. Jim Allen, who was in his late 70s, and he got excited and signed up too. Years later has proven it was a career-changing decision for many part-time and five full-time associates.

Barbara and I had no idea it would create true freedom where you work on your own schedule. Yes, it is work and you do have to show up, but the rewards are unlike traditional paying jobs.

I wonder how we ever had time to do the personal things for our family that we have been able to do while working our LegalShield business.

Our biggest success was in 2014, when we earned our $100,000 ring. This was certainly made possible by not only our efforts but also the combined efforts of some special people who joined us in our quest to promote and work this part-­time opportunity. This business model encourages you to sponsor and help others be more successful than yourself and celebrate when they reach their goals.

I can only imagine what the pioneers of this company dealt with in order to build the massive sales organizations and acquire the many customers they did, doing so with far fewer tools and less technology than we have today.

Barbara and I have taken advantage of every incentive possible in LegalShield, and we have earned many financial bonuses and wonderful trips to Cancun (twice), Jamaica, Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas where we have developed lifelong friendships with other associates who share these 100% company-paid incentive trips every year.

We have personally sold more than 1,000 memberships, earning us the Production Achievement Award, but our ultimate goal is to build a sales organization that perpetuates our business without physically being involved in every sale.

We have been blessed with two associates on different teams “aka legs” who reached the Platinum 2 level. We also get great support from our upline sponsors who show us that you can be successful with consistent commitment.

Barbara and I do enjoy driving our two BMWs, courtesy of the Performance Club bonus, and we just built a home on a ridge in the Smokey Mountains.

Thank you, LegalShield, for delivering on the vision of the opportunity that I first believed in. The effort spent rewards you with immediate income, but long range it rewards you with a life I only dreamed about. If you will do what it takes to succeed, I promise LegalShield will do what they promote!

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