$50,000 Ring Earner
Attorney, Business

I am a retired lawyer and business man. I have been married to my super wife, Becky, for 37 years. I became an associate in December 2010, and one week later, I fortunately, met my great friend and business partner, Rickey Gooch. We have been business partners ever since. We both treasure that relationship as well as our association with LegalShield as Executive Directors. We’ve given our full-time efforts, from the beginning, to the promotion of the Commercial Drivers Legal Plan. When it’s combined with the Family Plan, it provides total legal protection for both driver and family. LegalShield quality combined with our efforts have provided both Rickey and me with a good income, and we look toward many more successes in the future.

Through LegalShield we’ve been given the opportunity to give back by being able to provide needed legal assistance to truckers and their families. Being in control of our schedule allows us to work in a more relaxed atmosphere. We also feel a sense of pride in being in an industry that can actually help people change their lives in a positive direction. I think our greatest accomplishment in the past year was the fact that we had continued to grow our business and continued to provide our much-needed service.

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