$50,000 Ring Earner
Business Owner, Corporate

After working in retail, marketing, sales, and management, I became a business owner with my husband, Dave, at age 26. We grew both our companies—Salem Management and Consulting Company and Midas Brake and Muffler—with lots of hard work. Then my husband suddenly passed away. So I sold both companies and moved to be near my family.

My brother encouraged me to have lunch with a friend of his who was selling LegalShield. My friend and mentor, Bill Walker, helped me quickly realize this is what I wanted. After four months, I went full time with LegalShield. This company pulled me out of my grief-stricken slump. I found something I really enjoyed, and I knew I could make a living. My parents were getting elderly, and I wanted to care for them and take them to their appointments.

I became passionate about the service. It has also shown me that as a single woman—though I’m engaged to Tony Belluchi—this is a great business opportunity. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher, for making this wonderful company a reality. Thank you, all who paved the way to make our company what it is today. A special thanks goes to the late Dave and Bev Savula, Mike and Nancy Little, and Bill and Jackie Walker for believing in me.

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