$100,000 Ring Earners
Management, Non-Profit

Mike and I have been associates since 2010. IN 2017, we decided to put our heads down and focus our efforts together. We know that everyone needs our services in some way; they just don’t realize it yet. So we decided to approach as many businesses as possible in a short frame of time to see how many already realized their employees needed legal and identity theft benefits. This has been a game-changer for reaching more people faster with our services.

Our boys, James and Jordan, have grown up as LegalShield kids. They have been on lots of Performance Club trips with us to beautiful destinations. They look forward to hanging out with other LegalShield kids as much as we look forward to being with the many friends we have made in this business.

Because of this business, our boys think outside the box of traditional jobs and can see how living a life of helping others pays off.

We are thankful that they see how much personal development and hard work achieves results.

We have made so many amazing friends in LegalShield, and we look forward to seeing these friends at every trip, conference and training. The people you meet in this business think bigger and dream harder than most people, and if you spend enough time with them, they rub off on you too.

Thank you, Abby and Brian Parker, for showing us how it is done. Thank you, Todd Allen, for making us put our goal visually in front of us. Thank you, Jason and Kacy Lavender, for all of the great advice. Thank you, Larry and Doni Smith, for all of the mentoring, coaching and help along the way. Thank you, James Flowers, for your great leadership and consistency. Thank you, Geoff Cragg, for introducing us to this great service and business. And we give thanks to the countless associates who have taught, coached, mentored, shared your systems, cried with us and laughed with us! You all have taught us how to work hard and play hard!

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