$100,000 Ring Earners
Legal Field, Sales

Prior to LegalShield, life was tough. I was on the clock 14 hours a day working as a route salesman, while Donna worked as a paralegal. We had no time, no money and no friends!

Working full time with this company, our lives have changed in many ways since 1996. LegalShield has allowed us to purchase a beautiful home, take awesome vacations and most importantly time to spend with our children—Ronnie Jr., Lavor, Stephen, Demarra, Bryana, Kayla, and Timothy.

We were exposed to this opportunity through a business card that led to a business briefing and then a luncheon where we signed up, and the rest is history. We were convinced this was the right opportunity for us when we used the service to help with a child custody issue. We live in Georgia, but our legal matter was in Mississippi. So the provider law firm got us a lawyer in the small county in Mississippi where my case was to be heard. We won the case, saved a ton of money, and we were believers.

I tell people, the biggest sell is yourself. Once you believe, the sky is the limit.

Today, that same lawyer is now a judge, which shows the caliber of lawyers who are on board with LegalShield.

What we like the most about LegalShield is that we are in charge of our schedule and our day-to-day activities. When Donna’s dad had surgery, she was there and stayed there as long as she wanted. However, she sold some memberships while she was there. When our daughter Bryana graduates this year from the University of Cincinnati, she will be recognized as a top 100 scholar out of over 3,000 seniors, one of the top five students at the Honors College, a C-Ring recipient for her leadership, a McNair Scholar, and a winner of the Presidential Leadership Medal of Excellence. We will be in attendance at all of these events in Ohio, and we will only ask ourselves for the time off to do so.

Because of LegalShield, our greatest contribution to our community this past year was we started and sponsored a robotics club at Pebblebrook High School where our daughter is co-captain and has been nominated for the FIRST Dean’s List. Last year the team won numerous tournaments and went all the way to state. This year we have two robotics clubs, a first Lego League team and first Tech Challenge team both of which have been doing very well in their competitions. We have been blessed, and through LegalShield, we have the opportunity to make a difference in a lot of young people’s lives, who perhaps one day they will make apps for LegalShield.

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