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After decades with LegalShield, I tend to appreciate how this business has impacted my entire life rather than just the money I’ve earned since 1995. The advantages my career has afforded me have been far-reaching, to say the least. Any success I’ve enjoyed starts with congratulations to my team. There are many talented people to whom I am indebted among the 12,000 professionals in my large volume agency, Waters Rhone, Inc.

Chief among them are Erik Cox, Jason Lavender, Mark Seguin, Frank Mulcahy, Verna Heath, and Phil Ernest. These and countless others are among the best in LegalShield at writing group business. They are the ones who have consistently kept me at the Platinum Executive Director level for the last 15 years. They’ve helped me build Waters Rhone, Inc. into the agency it is today with more than 600,000 corporate, individual, and employee group clients. To each and every one, I give sincere thanks.

The quality of life LegalShield affords me is one most people can scarcely imagine. Controlling my time has allowed me privileges in life. I’m able to spend quality time with family and friends I care about most. I’ve been a published songwriter for many years with songs placed in film and with other recording artists. Composing, arranging, and producing music and the musicals I’ve written can be an expensive endeavor, but my LegalShield income allows me to make the most of my passion for music.

Most importantly I am able to place first in my life my unpaid volunteer ministry, traveling the world announcing God’s Kingdom as the lasting hope for mankind. I’ve been blessed to do this work for the last 40 years. It means more to me than material possessions ever have or ever will.

I can honestly say the best business decision I’ve ever made was joining this great company back in 1995.

It feels like I am a living example of what it means to never give up on a dream. LegalShield has made my dreams come true. Never give up on yours. Finally, would you like to know the secret to success in LegalShield? Simple.

LegalShield works when you do.

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