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In early 1996, Blair Preston knocked on the door of my finance business and introduced me to the services of this company. I told him that I didn’t use lawyers and really wasn’t interested. This went on for several months; every couple of weeks Blair would call me and tell me why I needed this membership, and I would tell him why I didn’t.

One day, I got a bill from my lawyer to review a contract, do some research, and write a letter. The cost was $450.

Coincidentally that afternoon Blair called me, and I asked him, “If I had your membership plan, and I needed a contract reviewed, a letter written, and the lawyer had to do some research, what would it cost me?”

He said, “Nothing.”

I said, “Sign me up.”

Then I asked how to make money with this, and he said, “Just introduce it to everybody you know, just like I did with you.”

I said, “Great! Sign me up.”

I became an associate on April 22, 1996. In my initial training with Blair, he said that everyone in the company would help me no matter how, what, when, and where.

I found out who the top person was: Dave Savula. So I called him, but only got his voice mail. But to my surprise he called me back, and I asked him, “How do I become successful in this business?”

He said, “Keep it simple and do with everyone exactly what was done with you, and if they’re not interested, ask them who they know and talk to that person who recommended them and it becomes a warm lead. If you do that with enough people, you’ll find success with this business because enough people will buy the membership and many will become associates.”

I continue to follow Dave’s advice today. Dave and Bev were life-changers in my business and personal life.

When I first started, I was sending out about a thousand pieces of mail a month and every envelope included a brochure, a membership application and an associate agreement.

Fast forward, and I went full time on January 1, 2004, as a Director. I reached the Executive Director level within a couple of months and earned my $100,000 ring in my first 12 months working full time. I was always one of the top 10 recruiters in the company, earning the top spot in 2009. I could not have accomplished this had it not been for all the leaders, trainers, and Home Office staff.

It’s a team effort and no one can do it alone. It’s no different than a football game; one man kicks the football, then someone catches it and runs to make a touchdown.

To sell a membership, you need the leaders and trainers to show you how, and then you need the Home Office to process it and keep it on the books.

It’s been a long ride, just like life, with many ups and many downs, but the basics never change. “I have a service that you may or may not be interested in. Could I share my company’s video with you and get your opinion?”

My best memory of Dave was in July 2011. I was home recovering from open heart surgery when there was a knock on the door.

My sister looked through the door viewer and said, “It’s some guy in flip flops, shorts and a shirt who is probably selling something.”

I said, “So open the door and see what he wants.”

I heard the voice say, “Hi, I’m Dave Savula. Is Murray here?”

He flew from Atlanta to North Miami Beach, Florida, to visit with me for a little over two hours. It was a miracle none of my stitches popped from laughing so much with my great friend Dave Savula.

Thank you, Dave and Bev Savula. I’ll always be forever grateful for your unconditional support, assistance, and most importantly, your unconditional friendship.

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