$100,000 Ring Earners
Aerospace, Corporate, Military, Pilot

LegalShield has given us opportunity to do things that are important to us. We enjoy going on LegalShield incentive trips and having our children be part of the dynamic business.

Cassie started her career in the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot. She then spent 25 years working for two Fortune 100 companies, Honeywell Aerospace and Xerox. She was vice president and general manager running PrePass business for Xerox. Paul began his 35-year corporate aerospace career working as an electrical engineer and then advanced to executive leadership roles where he had global responsibilities.

We saw the Success from Home magazine at a bookstore while looking for a plan B that we could work together. We read the magazine and the company’s annual report. Then we called the Home Office and asked to have the Arizona Regional Vice President call us. We had the good fortune to have Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith as our business partners and coaches. We are grateful for the Smiths’ mentoring, support and friendship.

The mission of this company made total sense to us. Having a military background, we believed in justice for all as a foundational principal. That said, most people who served in the military, and in fact most Americans, could not afford to access their rights. LegalShield is an affordable way to deliver justice for ALL!

We started with LegalShield part time in 2005; we were very busy and consumed with two large corporate jobs and five children. We used Performance Club as the foundational building block of success. In 2009, Cassie took the leap and left her executive job to be full time with LegalShield. Our goal to work together was reached in 2017, as Paul left his executive job to work LegalShield. We use “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” and “The 12 Week Year” (better known as a 90-day run) to focus on the critical few, act on lead measures, keep a compelling score board, improve accountability, and do it faster! This enabled us to reach the $100,000 ring level in our first year working LegalShield together.

LegalShield has enabled us to work our business around our lives and balance business, family, and community. In addition to more time with family, Cassie continues to serve veterans as a commissioner with the City of Phoenix Veteran Foundation and supports the Boots to Business program helping veteran entrepreneurs.

The best thing about LegalShield is the people—our team, the Home Office, state leadership, and the provider law firms are tremendous! We are especially grateful to our team members who continue to work to build their business while making a difference helping people understand and gain access to the LegalShield services and the business opportunity.

Our goals for this year are to increase the number of people who are Performance Club qualified on our team, increase personal and team production and continue to build our organization and network of Business Solutions professionals.

We are here to provide access to the rights our military continues to defend. God bless America!

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