$50,000 Ring Earners
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What does LegalShield mean to us? Freedom. Freedom provided by empowerment through lawyer and fraud investigator access. The freedom to build a business, set hours and build an income stream for life. Freedom to innovate.

We found LegalShield out of need for immediate lawyer help. We were victims of the housing crash in 2008, facing legal action with our tenants by 2009, out of money and options. Someone had mentioned LegalShield to Brett. It made sense to us, and at this point, we had nothing left to lose. After the law firm wrote a powerful letter to our tenants, then provided assistance with our credit card interest rates, home warranty issues, refinancing options, a city dispute, out of state collection issue and loads more, we asked ourselves, “How does everyone not know about this amazing service?” We decided to get serious about sharing the LegalShield love with others.

The greatest accomplishment so far has been learning from the other leaders in the LegalShield family who continually deposit nuggets of wisdom into our lives, so we can identify the things that don’t work and amplify the things that do. Brian Parker said it best during our Group School training when he shared, “There are many tools. Find the ones that work for you and OWN them!”

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