$100,000 Ring Earners
Business Owner, Franchise, Real Estate

More than 10 years ago, my husband and I got scammed by a real estate investment group and lost all of our properties, including our home. What made it worse, it affected the inheritances for our kids, Daniel and Jamie.

It was a very humbling time, too, because we went back to renting and not being able to afford much of anything. To add to this devastation, my husband’s health had been affected by all of this and the stressful industry he works in. Our Realtor saw the pain we were experiencing, and she recommended enrolling in LegalShield to at least get some help from their real estate, tax lawyers and whatever else we needed.

There was no risk because we weren’t held to a contract and figured they must be confident in what they are offering us. After they helped us significantly (including helping us keep our sanity during a very painful season), within a year, Gayle Lamm approached me about the opportunity. I believed in the product, but I could only commit to working part time or spare time, just three to five hours a week.

So much has changed for us in the little over eight years with LegalShield. First and foremost, I give God the glory because we believe that it was His grace that opened the door to this opportunity, meeting Gayle, and being fully restored. One of the biggest blessings was my husband, Paul, could take his foot off the accelerator, so he could focus on his health. I’m happy to say, he is doing so much better. We’ve been back into home ownership for over four years and haven’t had to constantly say, “Sorry, we can’t afford it.” God is good!

There are several reasons why LegalShield was a good fit for us. First, I believed in the product, the service and the mission of this great company. I’ve always had a servant’s heart, so to actually get paid for serving is fulfilling. I couldn’t imagine where I could get greater satisfaction in a career. The practical reason is the residual income. It would give our kids their inheritance back and the hope of helping my husband not compromise his health in the stressful environment he was in.

What I like best about the opportunity is contributing greatly to our vision that is also my mission and the residual income.

Because of this opportunity, we can afford to do more things for our family, friends, and charitable organizations. We contribute more than before, and it feels incredible.

My greatest accomplishment last year was increasing my income and giving more to my church and those in need.

My goals for this year are to achieve the Special Forces status, move to our new home, and contribute whatever God lays on our hearts.

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