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I dedicated 32 years of my life to the mortgage industry. In late 2007, my income went from great to nothing in 90 days. The previous year my business coach, Joe Wilkinson, said there were some changes coming to this country, and I needed a plan B. I thought he had lost it. Imagine—business is booming, but this man is talking about changes? I signed up for LegalShield out of sheer respect for him. When the “lights went out” in the mortgage industry, I played around with reverse mortgages for a couple of years until I read a book called Who Moved My Cheese? and then decided to plug into this business opportunity. Today, I’m on my way to not only replacing my income but also adding a new dimension, which is time. LegalShield has allowed me to keep all the trimmings while giving me the time to enjoy them.

My team is the hardest-working in LegalShield and to them I owe my success. My thanks go to all of them and to my wife, Lyn, for her support. I also want to thank the LegalShield executive team and Coach Joe for showing me this opportunity. Now my poor friends wonder where I get the money, and my rich friends wonder where I get the time.

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