$100,000 Ring Earners
Business Owner, Sales

Heather and I are full-time group marketers for LegalShield. Our children—Olivia, Nolan, and Quinn—are at home full time with Heather. The primary goal that drew us to LegalShield was the ability to earn an income that was sufficient to keep Heather at home with our children. I had worked in outside sales for a national company for about 10 years. We had bought into a $29,000 business opportunity to pursue our dream of working for ourselves. Six months in, we realized that the company was not performing in their commitments to us. The company was an absolute nightmare! Fortunately for us, we learned about LegalShield through that company, and we shifted our efforts day one to group marketing for LegalShield. We believe strongly in God’s providence in our lives, and we are confident that His hand brought us to LegalShield in the way that it happened. We started by faith in the company and service. About the time that we began to earn money, we also began to hear how the service had helped those we sold it to, and we too got tremendous help from our provider law firms. To make money and help people, we knew that we had found our new home.

The excitement for the future and the opportunity that exists every day for us to help people are the aspects that we enjoy most about this company. We have always had big dreams for our lives, high expectations for success. Knowing that with consistent, committed effort we can reach our dreams is so exciting. Having the time to watch our children grow up is a tremendous blessing. That is something that few people are able to do. Knowing our hard work now will continue to pay us far into the future has, and will, change the course of our family and the lives of our children.

Our first full calendar year with LegalShield was 2007. We accomplished our primary goal of earning our LegalShield rings in 18 months. That was a huge goal that many would have said was unrealistic. We were daily focused on achieving it. We ate, drank, and slept accomplishing that goal by the next summit in Las Vegas. We even wrote our speech after the 2006 event and daily imagined giving our ring speeches and pictured these rings on our fingers. Three months prior to the deadline of our goal, it really seemed out of reach, and we were discouraged. It was at that point that we dug deeply into our faith in Christ and decided to believe without a doubt that it would happen, having no idea how. From that point, events came together in an unbelievable way that left us with no doubt that God had blessed our faith.

We have learned and consistently remind ourselves that success in this business begins and ends in our own heads.

Keeping our thoughts right and having a positive mental attitude in the midst of trying times and disappointments is what keeps us going and moving our business forward toward the ultimate accomplishment of our goals and dreams.

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