$50,000 Ring Earner

It certainly was an interesting transition going from night club bartending to a full-time, single, stay-at-home dad. Along with being able to coach my daughter’s softball teams and attend all her school events, we’ve also been able to travel together, with Maui and Yosemite being a few of my favorite places.

When I earned the 2018 Performance Club trip, my daughter and I went scuba diving with sharks in the Bahamas before checking into the amazing Atlantis Resort. We’ve also toured Ireland and for her 18th birthday, we did a 10-day tour of Greece—all while being paid leveraged residual income along the way. The lifelong friendships and experiences I’ve had with my LegalShield family will always be such an important part of my life! I believe if you help enough people achieve their dreams, you will achieve yours along the way. I love and enjoy living by that motto, along with helping American families become empowered in a way they have never felt before and in my opinion that’s what LegalShield is all about! My goal is to bring more parents home to their children. I feel so blessed to have such special friends and mentors this amazing company and opportunity has provided! I will be forever grateful! Glory be to God.

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