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Mark and Deborah discovered the LegalShield opportunity through a Private Business Reception hosted by their long-time friends and next-door neighbors, Tom and Trish Reilly. Mark told Tom that he and Deborah would be happy to support the launch of their endeavor, but that the Mincks had no interest in the business model. Then, after seeing the broad appeal of the membership to the other invited guests, Mark reluctantly agreed to become a member and an associate at the conclusion of the meeting.

Given that Mark was a mortgage lender in the throes of Florida’s crashing real-estate market, the timing appeared to have been divinely orchestrated. Additionally, just two years earlier Deborah had left a successful career in real estate to homeschool their older son, Isaac, and was now caring for the needs of their younger son, Dietrich. The economic challenges created by Deborah’s career change and the collapse of the housing and financial markets were taking a toll on the family’s income, and Mark realized that it was time to move on.

Mark initially saw sharing LegalShield’s excellent identity theft plan with his current and former clients as an ancillary income source, but after attending Jan Tinder’s group school several months later, his eyes were opened to the vast opportunities that LegalShield offered in the largely untapped employee benefit arena. Next, he attended Don Thompson’s small business certification class and was equally impressed. Finally, after he and Deborah attended their first LegalShield convention, it became crystal clear that this was an opportunity worthy of their full time and effort. Now, having found his niche within the Business Solutions division of LegalShield, it was just a matter of crafting a plan of action and working it to fruition. Along the way, Mark found others who shared his vision, and he slowly began building a team, in addition to developing in the B2B space.

Since then, Mark and Deborah have been blessed with a daughter, their precious Jovanna, whom Deborah educates along with their two sons. They are active in their church, enjoy time with family and friends, and will be forever grateful to Tom and Trish Reilly for not presuming a lack of interest in LegalShield. Mark often notes that despite several successes in the corporate world in the decades prior to discovering LegalShield, as well as Deborah’s profitable real estate career, what they had lacked was the opportunity to create a book of business with ongoing revenue from membership renewals. It was this ability to leverage their time, create a passive income stream, and enjoy the freedom of working for themselves that has made LegalShield so valuable to the Mincks.

“More than that, we’re in a business that makes people’s lives better,” says Mark with a smile.

“And we always remember that God makes it all possible. He’s our source of success and peace, both in our business and our family.”

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