$100,000 Ring Earners
Construction, Sales

Don McKinney sold heavy equipment for 20 years. “That business is driven by the economy, so my income fluctuated,” he reports. But Don wanted more out of life for himself and his family.

That’s when he found LegalShield. “I started out part time but was soon ready to go full time,” Don remembers.

“I told my previous employer it was costing me money not to work full time with LegalShield.”

“Before I joined LegalShield, a close friend had begun talking to me months earlier about his new business,” Don said. “At first, I was not receptive, but as he told me more about it, my interest grew. I finally decided, what would it hurt to try it?”

Don was convinced of LegalShield’s opportunity by the rewards. “The income potential became apparent immediately,” he said. “As soon as those checks started coming in, I knew this was the best opportunity I had ever had.”

Don likes the diversity that LegalShield brings. “I have always been in direct sales. I find that I enjoy this work and have plenty of variety. One moment we may be calling on Corporate America, and the next we may be presenting to a group of blue-collar workers.”

“I work closely with a good friend of mine, and we often find ourselves laughing with enjoyment after a successful presentation. It’s nice to do work that I enjoy and that I control. I have also enjoyed passing on my success to other professionals.”

Don became an associate in 1995. “I went to group school and that changed my outlook on LegalShield,” he said. “Since I focus on group sales, I don’t spend a lot of time recruiting. Those whom I do recruit usually have group presentation experience.”

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