$50,000 Ring Earner


What is it that they say? “If it is too good to be true, then it probably is.” That is the EXACT thought that crossed my mind when I was introduced to LegalShield. I was skeptical! Just ask Todd Allen, who recruited me! He said, using his great Southern grammar, “I swear Karen McDowell, you are the hard-headedest woman I know!”

After hours, days, and weeks of trying to shoot holes in the concept of LegalShield, I finally “saw the light!” I was not unlike Albert Ross, a lawyer who set out to disprove Christianity and instead ended up becoming a Christian and wrote the book Who Removed the Stone? I simply could not disprove LegalShield! I GOT IT! I BELIEVE! I’M ALL IN!

I have been an associate since 2012. Now this “hard-headed” woman can’t seem to keep her mouth shut about LegalShield and the awesome opportunity that LegalShield offers to anyone who will just listen and BELIEVE. It is the real deal!

We really are blessed to share the “good news” with so many people that need to hear: Justice for ALL really does exist! Lastly, I am thankful for the team I work with from Team Brooks Werkheiser, Teresa Burgess (my sister), Todd Allen, Keith and Barbara Smith, and so many more! We are all out spreading “the LegalShield word.” Can I hear an amen?

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