$150,000 Ring Earner
Real Estate

In 2009, I had a successful real estate career as a top producer and owned a real estate firm and mortgage company. But I had zero time. I worked 14-hour days, weekends, evenings, and holidays. As a new mother, I knew that something had to change, so I took a look at LegalShield. Under the guidance of my sponsor and mentors, Larry and Kay Gregory, I reached the Director level in the first eight days and collected a large bonus. I realized that those commissions were mine with virtually no overhead.

I’m extremely grateful that I took heed and followed the Gregorys’ coaching. Had I hesitated, I probably would not be in this business. My 18-month-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer within my first month that I became an associate. The next two years were spent in hospitals between UNC and Mass General in Boston. I eventually lost my sweet Layla at age 3, in September 2011. The past seven years have become a personal and spiritual journey to say the least. I am most appreciative of the love and support from my team and fellow associates that have become my LegalShield family. Special thanks to Larry and Kay Gregory and Michael and Amy Dorsey for your unwavering support and belief in me. Finally, to my husband, Sean McClafferty, you are my rock.

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