$500,000 Ring Earners
Corporate, Day Care, Executive

Larry and Doni Smith make their home in Glendale, Arizona. Both came from corporate backgrounds and both found themselves unemployed after years of hard work. They realized that when you’re no longer employed—when you’re not “trading time for money”—you no longer get paid. They needed a better way.

Doni was introduced to LegalShield in 1997, and she fortunately had the upline leadership of $1,000,000 ring earners and Platinum World Council members Nick and Gayle Serba. They’ve done so much for Doni!

Larry was recruited by $500,000 ring earner and Platinum World Council member Michael Dorsey in 1996. Larry saw an ad in a magazine and called Michael. Michael was still part time at that point, but he had learned how to follow the proven system. He showed Larry “the information” (through a fax machine back then) before he did a three-way call with top money earner Dave Savula, so Larry could get his questions answered, and Dave simply invited Larry to a briefing!

Dave did the briefing and then invited Larry to dinner with Michael, Mike Dorsey Sr., and Cleve Pickens. After the dinner, Larry asked Dave, “How can you make so much money marketing a $25 legal plan?” Dave told Larry that there were five keys to success—15 minutes, show, you may or may not be interested, two a day, and a weekly meeting! Larry says, “He explained what that meant, and I chuckled and said, ‘Dave it can’t be that simple!’ He said, ‘Then why don’t you go do it your way’!”

“I figured if he made money every time someone on my team made a sale, and he was the top money earner, why in the world would he NOT want me to go fast! So Cleve trained me, and I followed Dave’s method, being coached several times a day by Michael Dorsey!” Then Larry was inducted to the inaugural Millionaire Club along with Michael, Cleve, Dave, and a handful of others when they launched the Millionaire Club in 2000.

“Doni and I have worked hard building our book of business!” But they both worked hard in their corporate jobs and walked away with nothing! While Doni worked the entire “wheel of opportunity,” Larry focused on team building. That’s what Michael, Cleve and Dave taught him. “The only thing free in life is the grace of God and everything else has a price—so does this,” says Larry. “But the reward for the effort is so worth it! The DREAM is REAL, and it’s ALIVE and WELL TODAY! We have a truly phenomenal life. But it wasn’t really us that allowed this to happen!”

“The only reason this is true for us is because of the incredible team we have! We have been blessed with so many amazing leaders who have built great businesses and have changed their lives and that has allowed us to change ours! We miss the Savulas! They were such incredible people and leaders! But we are so thankful and have so much respect for Michael Dorsey and Nick and Gayle Serba for all they have done for both of us! In addition, we are thankful for everyone at the corporate office for all the continual support and efforts they put forth, especially everyone in Platinum Services!

“Thank God for the amazing vision that Harland and Shirley Stonecipher had for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.! I don’t believe I’ve ever met a man who was more respected than our founder!”

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