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Thank you, LegalShield, for giving me the opportunity to tell my story and share a small portion of the journey that got me and my family to where we are today.

I grew up in the small city of Columbus, Georgia, the youngest of four kids. I was oblivious to the fact that Mom and Dad could hardly keep us fed, yet in my teen years I realized that my stuff wasn’t quite up to par with what other teens had at the time.

My siblings and I never really suffered though, in spite of growing up with a genuine sweetheart of a dad who just couldn’t emotionally cope with life—because our mother was one of the most incredible, disciplined and loving mothers that ever graced this earth. Thank you, Mom, for teaching us true commitment, value of family, dedication and unwavering love.

I went to work at 16, left home at 17, became the prodigal son, and went out to experience everything life had to offer. Funny though, life is an equal opportunity giver of both good and bad. I experienced both to—what I thought was—the fullest. I achieved some success, simply because Mom’s example taught me to outwork everyone else. She taught me everything I knew, but at no fault of hers, my knowledge left me where most people find themselves today—working hard to survive versus working smart to thrive.

My career path took many turns. I worked retail and wholesale in the shoe industry, earning a six-figure income, but as soon as I left, the checks stopped coming. I left to pursue the ministry. A part of my ministry role was to help support a benevolent organization via raising funds to support programs around the world. Once again I experienced success and earned six-figures, but upon leaving the income stopped. I went on to become a successful business development training professional with a partner, helped start a new company with a group of friends in the benefits industry, became a business development specialist in the banking industry, did coaching for companies—you get the picture. Every role allowed me to earn a good income, but I could never stop searching for the next job. Then I met a gentleman coaching youth football—Dave Savula. I spent several years coaching alongside him, including coaching my sons Jake and Alex, but most importantly Dave introduced me to our incredible industry, setting my family and me on a path that has changed our life forever.

Dave introduced me to something I had never realized before in all of those prior businesses—the beauty of the business model we have at LegalShield. A business model that not only can provide good income now, but long-term residual income for the future. Dave showed me how hard work can lead to freedom for my family and me and anyone willing to go for it, do the right things and never quit.

Dave, who left us in June 2016, and his beautiful wife, Beverly, who went to reunite with her lifetime and eternal mate on Christmas Day, 2017, were not only my mentors but best friends to my wife, Erin, and me. Dave and Bev were the top income earners in our company, positively impacted thousands and thousands of people for 25 years, and left behind a legacy that will continue for decades to come for their family. Their inspiration continues to motivate us all today to strive to be better, help more people, and continue to share the incredible opportunity we have through our company each and every day.

My family—pictured above—along with my extended family and the great opportunity that Dave introduced me to are the most important things in my life. I wear two rings today; one signifies the love of my life and the other the life that I love.

RIP Mom and Dad, Dave and Bev and others who have gone before us but showed us the way. We will see you again.

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