$50,000 Ring Earners
Business Owner

After leaving a previous company due to morality reasons, we had ventured out into the world of conventional business ownership. We had the membership as well as the business plan and absolutely loved the product. One day, our friend Bill Stovall said he needed one more person to sign up for a promotion. Of course, Patsy immediately told him that we weren’t interested in LegalShield. We were in so deep with our business, we had to make it work, but we did sign up to become an associate.

Three years later, we found that our business wasn’t really what we had thought it would be. We were extremely stressed and broke. There was no way that we would be able to continue without getting into severe financial trouble. We had been praying for a way out.

In 2008, Pete had back surgery and was laid up. Three years after signing up, he had never opened the LegalShield Associate packet! But after finding the packet and watching the video, we were sure that this was an answered prayer.

In May 2008, we closed our business and went full time with LegalShield. We are the happiest we have ever been. We’ve always worked together but now we get to do it from home. The financial rewards are amazing but the freedom and associations are the most rewarding. Thank God and Harland Stonecipher for LegalShield.

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