Mark Hawk

$50,000 Ring Earners
Youth Ministry

In the spring of 2012, I found myself out of work after a 25-year career in youth ministry. At age 47, I was married with six children and had no income. My savings account had four figures, and I had no job prospects on the horizon. That’s when Jack Bufkin found my resume online and contacted me. My initial thought was, “Oh no! Not another one of ‘those’ things again.” I was quickly shown that the LegalShield opportunity was and is different than any other. After about two weeks of prayer and contemplation (and a lunch invitation from Jack), I was in…all in.

Since it was do-or-die, I needed to make as much money as quickly as possible. Although I had very little sales experience or business contacts, I immersed myself in Group Marketing and began building my LegalShield business. I was determined to become THE LegalShield guy in West Tennessee. Because of excellent training, great marketing collateral, following a proven system, and my own persistence, I was able to quickly reach Manager level. Once my warm market was exhausted, I began making cold calls. It was not unusual for me to make 30-50 calls daily. More appointments led to more enrollments. In my first six months in the company, I was able to qualify for the incentive trip to Cancun, Mexico. Within my first year I was driving a BMW, compliments of LegalShield.

Success, however, wasn’t about cars, cash, or trips. It was about knowing I had trusted God to lead me into an area where I had little to no experience and place myself in the care of people I didn’t know only months prior. It was about helping people and companies by introducing them to quality and affordable legal access and comprehensive identity theft protection. It was about achieving goals and making a difference. Now, seven years later, I am enjoying the fruit of that hard work and earning enough residual income to pay my bills…all of my bills. In the next ten years, I intend to build that residual income to a level where it will sustain my retirement for my wife and me and allow us to bless others as God has blessed us.

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