$100,000 Ring Earners
Business Owner

Before LegalShield, I was a small business owner for 39 years. I have owned many companies during my 67 years on earth. Some were good, some were great and some were learning experiences!

This service just makes sense! I was looking for something new and worthwhile, and LegalShield exceeded those needs. There are no secrets, no hidden doorways. Learn to present the products and yourself and the rest will be history. Develop a five-year business plan. Associate yourself with those who are successful and truthful in this business. Have daily goals, have weekly and monthly goals and an annual goal. Set your goals realistically because it’s you who will deliver them no one else. Every aspect of this business is important. Learn to work with others and learn to teach others. If you are not willing to live the dream, then the dream will not happen. Recruit those who are willing to go out and do exactly what you and LegalShield tell them to do. Do like I do and live LegalShield five days a week—I leave the other days for God and family—my wife, Helen Jean, and children, Shawn Gooch, and Jessica Martin. Have fun! Include your family, and did I say have FUN? My greatest accomplishment by far has been my personal commitment to God and all the things He stands for.

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