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Business Owner, Real Estate

Before joining LegalShield, I worked in and owned a variety of businesses, including real estate sales. I made a good income but didn’t enjoy my work. It was a very stressful life with no close associations or friendships with other agents because we were competitors in a limited market. Every sale required weeks of work with the possibility that the deal could fall apart at any moment.

When an acquaintance approached me about a LegalShield membership, I immediately recognized my own need for the service. I paid $25 for the first month’s membership and saved $750 in legal fees. This convinced me that LegalShield offered an extraordinary service with tremendous potential.

The real estate business taught me that opportunity is all about timing. The time to buy is just before everyone else realizes the opportunity. LegalShield is like health insurance was 40 years ago. Everyone needed it, but few had it. Few companies offered it, and no one knew where to get it. I knew LegalShield was poised on the brink of exponential growth. I signed up as an associate and worked the business part time for several years. One day my wife said to me, “You hate the real estate business. Why don’t you work LegalShield full time?”

LegalShield is everything I had hoped it would be. I have been a part of this company since 1996, and I have now earned my second LegalShield ring. I enjoy working with people who share my passion for selling a service that benefits others. We combine our talents and learning, and we encourage each other. Our business associations are based on friendship and mutual respect. LegalShield means helping people by offering them access to the legal system and showing them a way to earn additional income. One of my sales was to a young man with three part-time jobs. He could barely afford to live, never mind afford $200 an hour for legal help. By selling him a $17-a-month membership, I was able to help him get the legal advice he needed. I also introduced the opportunity to a great couple in their 70s who needed help reaching their financial goals.

Giving people access to the legal system can be life altering. Presenting them with the LegalShield opportunity is a way of sharing my financial success.

This is more than a job. It’s a mission. Monetary rewards may be the reason I work, but helping people has turned out to be as great a reward.

In addition, my wife, Susan, was able to leave her job and spend time helping me. Because our hours are flexible, we have more time together and more time to spend with our family, which includes our granddaughters, Charlotte and Luci, and our grandson, Carson. We have also been able to afford to give financial assistance to our daughters in the pursuit of their own dreams.

Our success story has not come easily. I tell new associates this is not a get-rich-quick program. There is nothing wrong with taking time to build a strong foundation in order to accumulate wealth slowly. As our founder, Mr. Harland Stonecipher, said, “If you keep busy, your success is guaranteed.

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