$150,000 Ring Earners
Sales, School Bus Driver, Self Employed

Because every good thing is from Heaven, I know that LegalShield is a gift of God. As a result of this gift, I have been able to work at my own pace, set my own schedule, and enjoy unprecedented security in the midst of one of our nation’s toughest economic times.

Before LegalShield, I was a part-time school bus driver and a self-employed sales person. I became involved with LegalShield after I was introduced to it by one of my customers. The first day they explained it to me, I joined, and not long thereafter, I quit everything else to focus totally on changing the legal landscape of North America for good as a full-time sales associate!

Just after becoming a member, I actually found out that my father had been in the lawyer network. He was in the system before the provider system was implemented. He told me the company had a terrific reputation, and he always got paid well and right on time. It gave me confidence that our leaders would enhance and not diminish my reputation, and that my reputation would not be at any risk whatsoever. It gives me the freedom to give it all I’ve got!

I love the opportunity LegalShield gives ordinary people to blossom as associates in so many of their God-given talents, and I love the true passive income it creates. As people join and use their membership, they become life-time contributors to my estate and that of my kids for generations to come!

This opportunity has allowed me to play with each of my awesome, blessed, miraculous kids in the middle of the work days when they were young. It has allowed my wife to give all her efforts toward raising and educating our kids and being a support for me instead of working for someone else and their family. And it has taught us first-hand the challenge and subsequent blessing of living totally off the rewards of our own efforts and not being dependent on anyone else.

My book of business totally paid out in renewals in 2014! It’s like Robert Kiyosaki said: When your business generates enough income on a passive basis to cover your monthly bills, you are independent.

I am shooting for my next LegalShield ring!

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