$50,000 Ring Earner
Barbershop/Salon, Business Owner

LegalShield was introduced to me 12 years ago when it was called Pre-Paid Legal. At that time, I was as skeptical as most people and never took a serious look at the service or opportunity.

As an entrepreneur owning three barbershops and salons as well as being a barber instructor, I thought I was doing quite well for myself and my family. However, there was one major thing I didn’t know and which LegalShield taught me—that was the concept of residual income. As a business owner, I was used to working for my money, even though at times it seemed as though the business owned me.

In May 2014, I signed my associate agreement and never looked back. The company has rewarded me with great trips. The personal development I have gained from being in this business is invaluable.

LegalShield allows me the kind of schedule to have time to watch my children grow up and not have to worry about where my income is coming from.

My future goals are to become a Platinum World Council member, to use the knowledge and training of LegalShield to become a paid motivational speaker and life coach, and to open a chain of black-owned barbershops across the country.

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