$100,000 Ring Earners

I have been working as an associate with LegalShield since 1995, serving as a group instructor in Texas, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. I have always been self-employed to support my full-time ministry. My ministry is voluntary; therefore, I must work part time to support my family. I have never found any endeavor that can generate an income year after year like LegalShield. Nor has any business that I have been involved with produced comparable renewal income.

My focus has always been the group employee enrollment facet of our business. The potential for producing thousands of memberships in a professional atmosphere is attractive to me.

As I enter my 50s, my focus is shifting to duplicating myself. I am working at building a larger team of group associates who can generate an increasing membership base.

One advantage of doing group enrollments for 20 years is I get to see the level of customer satisfaction from the employees. As I go back to my employee groups year after year, the good feedback I receive is by far the majority reaction. LegalShield gives me the vehicle I need to have time to invest in what I consider important priorities.

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