$250,000 Ring Earners
Medical, Sales

For Amilda Coffman, LegalShield was full time from the start! “I saw the potential for this service immediately,” she stated. In fact, Amilda was convinced after only seeing the preventative benefits, as her friend Anita Pesac showed her the services.

“I knew we needed a Will, so I knew this was something everyone should have. Then I found out how long the company had been around and heard about all the business publications that had written positively about the company and service, so I saw this opportunity as a salesman’s dream,” she remembers.

With support and encouragement from her upline and from other associates across the country, Amilda has been able to enjoy the freedom to either take time off or to work as hard as she wishes.

“The most important thing is knowing that LegalShield wants me to earn as much as I want to earn,” she says. “Most companies get greedy, yet LegalShield wants you to earn as much as possible for yourself.”

While Amilda once earned a comfortable income in medical sales, she is now a ring earner with LegalShield.

In fact, as a top group producer, she has earned her second LegalShield ring and the Platinum jacket.

“My success story is truly one of hard work and perseverance,” Amilda adds. “LegalShield wasn’t as easy as I wished it would be, yet I enjoy it far more than I would have imagined. I ride and show horses, which is very time-consuming. I was struggling to get my LegalShield business off the ground, so I had to look to see where I could make more time in my day to build the business. At that point I realized I needed to sell my horse to concentrate on LegalShield. I needed more time to practice. We all know that in order to get good at something, we have to practice every day for hours, and selling my horse gave me more practice time. That was a very painful step, yet it yielded me a healthy income. I now enjoy owning, riding and showing three horses, thanks to LegalShield. This is the best opportunity for anyone to maximize their potential for top income and have fun doing it!”

Amilda encourages her team to follow what has already been proven to work. “Don’t reinvent the wheel,” she says. “And keep moving forward.”

Amilda now enjoys a healthy residual income and has built her home next to thousands of acres with bridle trails, while her husband has access to dozens of golf courses.

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