$200,000 Ring Earners
Automotive, Business Owner, Management, Promotions

Before LegalShield, Ross was in the car business for more than 17 years, working too many hours. Cindy ran a promotional business for 15 years and is still working in that industry.

Ross was working 70 hours a week and was a single parent. He had no time. He didn’t feel as though he had a life. He had to work to live, but now thanks to LegalShield he lives to work.

“It is great to be able to work from home and set our own schedule. It is so nice to sit down together at breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a family with our daughters, Avalon and Leagh. We love to travel, and with this business we are able to do so and make money at the same time! We now live in the home of our dreams.”

Ross was introduced to LegalShield when he had lunch with a friend and someone gave them a cassette tape by Dave Savula and asked them to listen. Ross listened to the tape and became an associate, but unfortunately his friend did not.

Ross recruited Cindy after they went on a blind date together. Later, Cindy married her upline, and they became business partners as well as life partners.

“I saw the big picture after listening to that tape. I found out that 80% of Europeans have a legal plan, and it was just as common there as auto insurance is here. I knew it was going to happen here the same way.

“We love the income opportunity provided by LegalShield and the fact that we have more time. It is so nice to work with a new associate and watch them become successful in this business. We are able to reach out and help so many people whether it is by accessing their legal rights or building a business.

“The most important thing LegalShield has done for us is it has helped us take our personal development to a higher level.

“We have made so many great friends through our LegalShield family. And they are friends working toward the same goals as ours. We feel that in order to receive, you must give. It is important for us to give back. Each year our tithing to our church increases. That is a check we enjoy writing. When we took a four-week vacation, spending two of those weeks in Alaska, we returned home and found that we had made more money than we spent.

“We are flat-out excited about what is to come for the new year. So many great things are happening with our business. We feel that LegalShield is about to explode, and we are glad to be a part of that.”

The Chantrels have earned every incentive trip LegalShield has offered since they joined the company.

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