$150,000 Ring Earners
Banking, Corporate, Executive, Non-Profit

If you want to know WHY, just check out my picture. I am a single mother whom God blessed with four incredible children. My faith in God and my children, Samantha, Anna, Peyton and Parker, are my Why for everything I do! Thank you, LegalShield, for the opportunity to build a future for my family while helping others along the way.

Here is my story: After being introduced to LegalShield repeatedly (at least five times) I finally became an associate in January 2012. I only occasionally worked my business, so I was just a Sr. Associate after two-and-a-half years in the business. I used the “excuse” that I had a job that demanded too much of my time to do anything with LegalShield. I worked in Corporate America as a vice president in banking. I was a corporate trainer and an executive director for a non-profit. I was too busy running businesses for other people. I made a lot of money and helped build businesses for others throughout my career, never believing I could be doing that for myself and my family. Well, as it often happens to many in the corporate world, times got tough, and I was downsized! Nice way to say I found myself unemployed. On the day I lost my job, I called my upline, Todd Allen, and he put it as only he can, and he told me he was going to give me 24 hours to mourn my lost job and feel sorry for myself and then we were going to go to work doing what I should have been doing all along. It actually was the kick in the backside I needed because that week was the 2014 convention, and I went although I didn’t think I could afford it.

While at convention, it all finally clicked! I GOT IT! I went home and GOT TO WORK with NO EXCUSES!

LegalShield was my opportunity to build something for my family and get us to the place we deserved. The following year at the 2015 convention, I was recognized for earning my first ring. I went from being a Sr. Associate to a ring earner that year—what a blessing!

The ability to build a future for my family while helping others is not a job; it is an incredible opportunity! For that I want to express my gratitude to Todd Allen for introducing LegalShield to me, along with his continued support (and pushing me) to meet goals I outwardly express. To my sister, Karen McDowell, thanks for showing me month after month what success looks like. Brian Wilbourne, thanks for your support and coaching to achieve my goals. Thank you to all the wonderful people throughout LegalShield who have been encouragers and mentors both here in Mississippi and throughout the country.

Mostly I want to thank my children for not only encouraging me, but pitching in to allow me the time to go and make OUR dreams come true! The best is yet to come!

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