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Before joining LegalShield, I was a broadcast advertising account executive in Nashville, Tennessee. I was making a good income, but I finally figured out that either you are building your own business or you are building someone else’s. I was being severely limited in income potential.

I was introduced to LegalShield by Don Whigham in 1996, and I became an associate. At first, I did nothing. I “played” at LegalShield.

As the corporate structure at my advertising job became more and more unbearable, I suddenly realized I had the opportunity of a lifetime right at my fingertips. I had a business-to-business product that I could take directly to Corporate America. The income from those sales would take care of my short-term needs, while I recruited, trained, and developed leaders who would generate an override income to allow me freedom for the long-term.

That’s what makes LegalShield a truly unique opportunity. After four months, I went full time with LegalShield in early 1997. My wife thought I had flipped out! I brought a lot of my own ideas to the party, and I was humbled really quickly. I made this business too complicated.

After counseling with Don Whigham, I learned to work the system, to sort and sift to find the leaders, to work with the ones who work, and to teach them to teach. In October 1998, I reached the Executive Director level because I found some great people. That’s what I love about this business! I now have lifelong relationships built with some of the most tremendous people I have ever met, all because of LegalShield.

Remember the panicked wife? Teresa had our baby boy, Dylan, in February 1999, and she was able to stay home and be a full-time mom, and I was able to stay home with them for a full month and continued to earn commissions. Man, what a business!

I counsel all my new associates to keep it simple, follow the system, apply persistent and consistent action, and remember that it is not “if” but “when” you will become successful.

I am amazed and excited about where LegalShield has gone in the last few years, but what really excites me is where LegalShield will be in the next few years! The possibilities are endless!

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