$150,000 Ring Earners
Electronics, Finance, Engineering, Insurance

LegalShield immediately became a full-time career for me when I signed up. My wife joined me two years later, and after she came on board, we acquired our LegalShield ring the very next year. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Before LegalShield, I was a life specialist and financial planner for AEGON USA insurance company. Mrs. Brown was in the electronic engineering field for the FAA. Our lifestyle was OK but not what we desired. The money ran out as fast as it came in. We were looking for our opportunity.

The changes that LegalShield has provided for our family have been incredible. Our dreams are coming true.

Making financial decisions without a thought is a tremendous joy. We do not have to consider what bills to pay now and what bills to pay later. We have the cars we want to drive and a beautiful home on an acre of land. We’re excited because it’s a great place to raise our boys.

We were introduced to LegalShield by my brother, Kevin Neighbors, and his beautiful wife, Shawnse. Kevin was a general manager for a restaurant chain working 50 to 70 hours a week. One day Kevin came home from work and found his son asleep, waiting for him at the front door, blocking the entrance. As Kevin picked him up, seeing Keshawn’s shivering body brought tears to his eyes. He knew something had to change. He asked me to take a look at the LegalShield opportunity for him due to my 20 years of experience in network marketing. I don’t know if he was tricking me or not, but I joined him two weeks later. Thanks again, Bro!

Having been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years now, I’ve tried everything with no major success. Our first night in LegalShield, we called 12 of our friends to look at the business. Nine showed up. This convinced us that LegalShield was the right opportunity for us. The next day, our decision was solidified when we received a call from Hall of Fame football player, Mr. Fran Tarkenton, who congratulated us for a job well done.

It is also a blessing to have the opportunity to create income and change the lives of so many other people. We are changing the poverty line and the financial curse in our family. Part of my Why is because my father died due to an asthma attack in 1997, and he did not leave anything to his 11 children. We thank God for Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher because our children—Michael, Ulysses III, Keenan and Leibert and now our new grandbaby, Michael IV—will have a legacy to pass on along.

Our greatest accomplishment was purchasing a home for our cousin (a single mom) with five children, all because of this incredible opportunity. Our latest significant milestone is that our son Ulysses II became a Sr. Director, and he will be earning his $50,000 ring soon.

Our goals are to help promote more business partners to the Executive Director level, be consistent Platinums, and reach new ring levels. Yes, we can. Yes, we will!

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