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My story is simple. I fell in love with the product. I developed a passion for it. Then I began selling and recruiting all day, every day. Our life before LegalShield was typical of a small business owner. As the owner of a family printing business for 18 years, I worked seven days a week. There were no vacations because I could never leave the store. We had no life outside of the business. I lived my life dreading Monday mornings!

LegalShield has changed our lives because we have a business, but we have no inventory, no overhead, and no personnel. That’s changed my life dramatically. Looking forward to Monday mornings will make a total difference in your attitude, and when you have a positive attitude, you can accomplish anything.

We have traveled all over North America, Mexico, and Europe. We have purchased two new homes and an office building. But the number one change is we don’t think about money any longer.

I was introduced to LegalShield by one of my printing customers who showed me the product, which I bought and used. And it worked great.

I then started telling everyone about it, and everyone I talked to wanted it. Mr. Kelly then recruited me, and I have been full time with LegalShield ever since. If you’ve ever told anyone about a good movie or a good restaurant, then you can work the LegalShield business. That’s what convinced me. I was telling everyone about the product, and they all wanted to buy it. I wanted a new business with no inventory, no overhead, and no personnel. And I was telling everyone about it anyway, so I might as well get paid for it! This is the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity ever.

In the printing business, we would hire and train people. Those who excelled would eventually quit, start their own printing businesses and try to take our customers. That would drive us crazy. However, what I found in LegalShield is that’s exactly what we want people to do: to duplicate what we’re doing. LegalShield has created a much less stressful life for us. It has allowed us to help our family—our daughter, Candace; our son-in-law, Chris; our grandson, Cole; and our son, Jonathan—and has allowed us to plan for the future.

The most rewarding event in my LegalShield career was not necessarily a sale or a recruit. But it was my first override check I received back in July 1995; it was the best money I ever earned because it showed me that this business would work from a leverage standpoint. I knew it would work from a sales standpoint. It just showed me I could build a big business. People need our product and the opportunity so desperately. We have the best provider lawyers, company, opportunity and business, and our goal should be to grow all aspects of our business exponentially. As Mr. Harland Stonecipher said, “We have the largest law firm in the country.” Offering our product with the world’s largest law firm and providing the service is amazing, and it is definitely making a difference.

I feel so good about our business. I believe this will be a huge year for our business because the need has never been greater. Our world gets more and more complicated, and everybody still dreads Monday mornings. But our company is cutting edge. My goal is to take advantage of that through production and recruiting. I always look at it as restarting my business each year. I want to triple both production and recruiting by tripling my exposures in the market! It’s going to be a great year!

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