$50,000 Ring Earners

We were introduced to LegalShield in 2003. Luther was a salesman for Time Warner Cable when a fellow employee pulled him aside and said, “I’ve got something to show you. You may or may not be interested. Do you have about 15 minutes?”

We loved the concept and became members and associates. Since 2003, this membership has kept well over $100,000 in our pockets! I cannot put a price on the peace of mind we have had while raising our eight children.

I’d love to say that our LegalShield business took off; however, life stepped in, and we became distracted. Our family needed us in California, so we spent the next five years out of the loop. We had a family-run restaurant that literally ran our family! Luther missed three of our children’s graduations because someone had to run the pizza parlor on a Friday night. We needed an exit strategy! That’s what LegalShield became for us.

We started working our LegalShield business in slivers of time. We were eventually able to begin working part time from home. We drive a BMW. We take family vacations, (including all-expenses paid vacations) all thanks to LegalShield! It just doesn’t get better than making a living while empowering people. Never drop your membership, never give up on this opportunity! We are LegalShield for life.

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