$50,000 Ring Earners

After teaching for 30 years and retiring at the age of 52, I knew that I still had time for another career. But I did not want a nine-to-five job. Then I found LegalShield, thanks to Woody Andrews and his mother, Jeanette. This is what I was looking for: no set hours, no boss, residual income, and financial opportunity. None of those were a part of my years as a teacher. Now I work in the group arena with Jeanette and Ed Walker.

God has blessed my husband, Dock, and me in so many ways. By putting LegalShield in my path, he opened the door for me to help my husband bring independence to us. We spend a lot of time with our daughters, Jenna and Frannie, their husbands, and our grandsons, Elijah, Braylon, and Camden.

There have been so many great accomplishments since taking advantage of the LegalShield opportunity. Earning my $50,000 ring, being able to help provide legal and identity theft protection to all people in all walks of life, the many friendships I have made with other associates and business acquaintances, and having my daughter, Jenna Doyle, become my new business partner are just a few of my accomplishments. I have made so many new friends and have so much fun while making a difference in the lives of many. Thank you LegalShield. I’m moving on toward the $100,000 ring.

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