$50,000 Ring Earners
Advocate, Nursing, Paralegal, Real Estate

I hail from a small town in north Mississippi by the name of Ripley. My background is that of a paralegal, nurse, Social Security disability rep and Realtor. I was first introduced to this company approximately 20 years ago, but that associate never mentioned the opportunity to me. Since I have personally sold almost 3,000 memberships, I imagine that associate wished he would have mentioned the opportunity to me.

LegalShield has been an opportunity for me to gain greater control of my life. I have been blessed to serve as Regional Manager, Employee Benefit Field Trainer, and Fast Start Trainer. I have received numerous awards. I drive a BMW. I’ve earned trips to wonderful destinations, such as Cancun, Cabo, Atlantis, Montego Bay and others. I am elated to have earned my $50,000 ring and elected in 2018 to receive commission on an as-earned basis. My goals for 2019 are to help more associates LevelUP and Performance Club qualify and to personally earn the $100,000 ring. I am super excited about the new Ladies of Justice initiative, and I am equally excited about using this division to expand my business and to help other women become business owners. Remember, “You can never cross the ocean unless you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” I will keep on keeping on!

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