$50,000 Ring Earner

I was a college student at Mississippi State University, and like many college students, I got burned-out.

When I came home for my Christmas break, I had decided to take a semester off from college. At 20 years old, I just wasn’t sure whether I actually wanted to continue on to nursing school or not.

When I told my dad, Todd Allen, about my plans, he suggested that I let him show me what LegalShield could offer.

I knew about LegalShield because my grandfather, Jim Allen, and my dad both were successful in LegalShield. I also saw that after my grandfather passed away, the business he built with LegalShield was continuing to take care of my grandmother financially with his residual income.

I decided to give LegalShield a shot and am so glad I did. I am grateful to LegalShield for giving me the opportunity to build my future on my own terms.

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