In 2012, Desha and I started out selling LegalShield as a team with the Stovall Group. I came from a business background in information technology. Desha came from the dental and HR arena.

We both had found LegalShield during some pretty trying times in our lives. Identity theft had been an issue for both of us. Once I had found LegalShield and IDShield, we were intrigued by the opportunity to share it with others. This was the first time in our professional careers that we were “thanked” for helping someone.

We realized the value that we had with the product and how it could empower families. LegalShield has given me and my family peace of mind when any legal or identity issue pops up. Since our career started with LegalShield, we have earned our Ring, and we also have enjoyed getting to know other associates during conventions and trips. LegalShield has changed our lives. Moving forward, we want to share this opportunity with others and show them how it can provide a solid financial rock their families can stand on.

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